Everything we do is based upon sound scientific evidence, from University degree level and above and to ensure that we stay at the 'Front of the Line'.

Front Line Fit is a completely unique way to lose weight, improve health and fitness.

We use proven methods, backed by sports science, nutritional understanding and personal experience to create a unique programme designed to help you achieve desired level of fitness along with your ideal physique, Partnered with the best supplement company in the business; providing a solid nutritional foundation. Front Line Fit is not a 'boot camp' it's a 'fit camp' - the military-esque way of training just doesn't cut it.

We make sure you don't just get fit - You get Front Line Fit!


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Where are we?

Currently we are in four territories; Blackley (Manchester), Manchester city centre, Rochdale & Bury.

Our customer base, team and camps are ever expanding. Check back here to see if we're arriving near you next!


About us

Front Line Fit is a completely unique way to lose weight and improve health. We use proven methods, backed by sports science, nutritional understanding and personal experience to create a programme designed to help you achieve your desired level of fitness and you’re ideal physique.

Don't just get fit - Get Front Line Fit!

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Anthony Zvirblis

My fibula was snapped in a bad football accident last year and Front Line Fit formed my rehab regime. I lost body fat, gained muscle, built strength in my leg (and all over my body in general) and am now playing football fitter than before my injury! I'm lighter, stronger, have more energy and have made some good friends in the process. Give them just 6 weeks of your life and listen to all their advice, you won't regret it!  

Anthony Zvirblis

Haleema Bibi - CSA, the AA.

I have previously taken part in fit camp, I was there for 3 weeks and had to leave early due to a injury which I sustained about 5 years ago, within the three the results which I saw were literally amazing; I had just lost just under one stone! The fit camp team did nothing but support me. I know a few individuals who hated exercising but now they are taking their 4th fit camp! If you want to lose weight, get fit, understand nutrition and meet people from all walks of life; Front Line Fit is the place to...

Haleema Bibi - CSA, the AA.

Tracy Delaney, 27 - Union Rep

This is my first fitcamp and can't actually believe it works! My weight, sizes & times have all gone down & this is a big thanks to the guys ( hard sessions ), the rest of the camp; who are so friendly & encouraging. As well as teaching you how to do the exercises & eat properly combined with my own determination I have seen the results & will be coming back!

Tracy Delaney, 27 - Union Rep

Emma 'Gilly' Gilmartin - Teacher

My goal at the beginning of the year was to do a charity run - I signed up for the 5k at Heaton Park. Being incredibly unfit I needed to do something that would help me achieve my goal. After many a discussion I signed up for fit camp & after 2 months of going I did my first ever 5k in March. I'm now doing the 10k next year & possibly the half marathon the year after. I can honestly say Front Line Fit Camp has changed my life. Goals are achievable if you put your mind to it!

Emma 'Gilly' Gilmartin - Teacher

Vicky Stevenson, 22 - Medical Receptionist

Front Line Fit has changed my life. It has helped me lose weight, get fitter, understand good and bad food/drinks! It has made me alot more condfident than what I used to be. FLF is addictive - not alot of people enjoy exercise but working with a great group of people; 'the family' - its great! I used to hate exercise and healthy foods, but seeing great results (dropped 2 dress sizes!) I know which foods I'd rather have!

Vicky Stevenson, 22 - Medical Receptionist

Leon Roy, 23 - Web & Graphic Designer

I'm only 4 weeks into the Fit Camp course and I've already seen big differences - Physique being the main one! I'm better conditioned and improving week on week (we get tested). Front Line Fit is a whole lot more than just getting fit outside, it's about getting dirty and reveling in it, meeting great, new people and having a laugh.

Leon Roy, 23 - Web & Graphic Designer

Once I got into doing all the exercise and meeting all the other camp members it just seemed like I didn't have to be conscious of my weight any more.  I lost 2 stone in 6 weeks! - Forget about the GYM and get involved with FRONT LINE FIT

Liam McGreal, 20 - Teaching Assistant.

In just 4 weeks I had lost nearly a stone of fat and gained lean muscle. I dropped from a 34 to a 29" waist.   Basically, it was the best money ever spent!

Mat Saxon, 23 - Social worker