About FLF Performance Centre

Welcome to The FLF Performance Centre


The team at FLF are passionate about fitness.

We are committed to being the “go to people” for fitness in the North West of England and have brought together a team with a broad range of expertise covering physical, psychological and nutritional aspects of health and fitness.

Our goal is to provide a full spectrum of health and fitness services that are focused on your own individual needs, whether you’re a beginner or a Pro.

“We both had a dream to create the most amazing personal training space in Central Manchester because, to be perfectly honest, training clients in a back garden or in the park will only allow you to train to a certain level and as good as we are, our environment and restriction on a variety of equipment does hold many limitations. When we sat down and decided to build the FLF Performance Centre, we really wanted to step our clients results up to a whole new level. So I simply said to James; “Listen, we’re already good at what we do – but we can be 10 times better for our clients if we built a Performance Centre. We need a place in Manchester that will blow the socks off everybody else”

Rehan Akram

Partner & Director at Front Line Fit

What makes FLFPC special?


Private Gym – (not an “open to general public – commercial” gym)


We are a private gym so you are pretty much guaranteed more privacy during your sessions and you will very rarely have to wait for equipment. Your workouts should never be compromised by having to hang around waiting for masses of general gym goers to move on to their next station or exercise.


We are not a personal training studio


Some of the better personal trainers out there have studios only based in the City Centre – yet with minimal equipment and restricted space. This ultimately means that progression within your workouts is less effective and things like injuries are an absolute nightmare to work around.


We have a SOLID reputation


We have not created a hardcore “meat head” only persona at our strength camps and within our gym environment, however when we train clients at FLF Performance Centre – we mean business. Everyone is welcome in our Centre, we do not care about your ability when you start out. We only care about your attitude. Therefore, If you are not serious about wanting to improve yourself and only seem to show up to workouts for a chat about the weather or to use the free wifi,there is a number of nice and cosy “commercial gyms” in Manchester Town Centre I am sure you will enjoy much more.


We are one big family


We are a family. As sentimental as this may sound, it is also very true. Between the trainers and the FLF members, we have created an environment where everyone roots for each other. Given that we impose a limit on the number of members who are allowed to join the FLF PC, you quickly get to know all the faces and names and can easily be inspired by the hard work and results of others.

As of today, no other private gym offer their members and clients the range and high quality equipment from brands such as Atlantis, Eleiko and Watson at their disposal like we do. Seriously!



“The FLF Performance Centre is arguably the best equipped personal training centre in the UK, if not Europe”  –  Charles R Poliquin (Strength Sensei) recognised as one of the world’s most accomplished strength coaches to date.


For more info please contact

07540 350 617