About us

James Largey

Founder and Director of “Front Line Fit” and Joint Director at The FLF Performance Centre. James’ vast knowledge and expertise around body composition, nutrition, supplementation and hormone analysis enables him to consistently achieve optimum results for clients. As an in-demand transformational coach he is recognised for setting the highest standards in the fitness industry. James primarily works with high priority clients including professional athletes whose objective it is to attain outstanding results within a designated timeframe. James is available for individual PT sessions on a limited basis.


Advanced Nutrition, Body Composition and High Level Education

Rehan Akram

Rehan is both Partner at Front Line Fit and Founder/Director at the FLF Performance Centre In Manchester. Known as “Uncle Chach” yet most notably known for his “no BS approach” on the gym floor – Rehan means nothing but business when it comes down to getting results with all of the clients and members here at FLF. On the flip side, Rehan has always successfully demonstrated his clear passion to help everyone including the trainers here at The FLF Performance Centre. Always available for advice on training, nutrition, or just general life, Rehan continues to play a pinnacle role in the success of Front Line Fit.


Hypertrophy, Group Training, Snapchat

Oscar Young

Oscar is extremely passionate about coaching and helping his clients to achieve their own personal goals, mainly around body composition. Always looking to learn more and improve his own knowledge along the way. Oscar is proud to have competed on stage in the 2015 International Amature Olympia – Oscar competed against some of the best physiques across the globe – only 18 months after first stepping on stage.


Body Composition, Hypertrophy, Physique Transformation

John Kelly

John has over two decades of work experience within the fitness industry. His passion for fitness and health stems from competing in a variety of different mixed martial arts at a high level. John’s approach to training both himself and his clients is very “direct” – meaning there’s no time for excuses and absolutely no cutting corners. John’s all about creating a strong mindset on the gym floor, therefore don’t be alarmed when you think you’ve hit your max and he asks you to do 10 more. John is also qualified in sports massage and available for this service at the FLF Performance Centre.


Mixed Martial Arts, Group/Class Training, Massage

Jamie Spencer

Jamie is an endorsed athlete, ex armed forces and personal trainer. He is extremely passionate about helping others progress with their own personal development and works closely with his clients to ensure that they achieve their fitness goals. In addition to being a fitness model for various clothing brands, Jamie is admired in the fitness industry for his knowledge and expertise around maintaining optimum body condition all year round.


Hypertrophy, Body Composition, Stage/Shoot Prep