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Our aim is to create a world-class gym built around dedication, motivation and passion. If you can give us those things, we promise to return the favor with a life changing transformation.

Strength Camp starts on the 30th May 2022!

Email hello@frontlinefit.co.uk or call Rehan on 07540 350617 to book your place and find out more



All of our FLF trainers are highly experienced and extremely qualified. They are passionate about fitness and focused on RESULTS. We offer a range of services from one-to-one training to our popular 9 Week Strength Camp.

Personal Training

We offer one to one and group personal training sessions with our highly experienced FLF Personal Trainers

Strength Camp

Our 9 Week Strength Camp is the most popular training option for improving strength and dropping body fat

Online Training

Our online training programs are designed specifically to tailor every individual within their chosen environment

Assisted Program Design (APD)

Our members work from an individual personalised program designed specifically to ensure optimal results


We offer learning experiences within schools and with businesses specific to their principles and policies


Our Personal Trainers can conduct a full dietary breakdown particular to the client during our Nutritional Consultations

BioSignature Modulation

This is a truly ground-breaking personal training system that allows us to determine your unique hormonal profile

Infrared Sauna and Therapy

Eliminate toxic substances from your body, burn calories and improve circulation with our infrared sauna

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Personal Trainer

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Stephen Hamilton

Personal Trainer

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Catherine Donohoe

Personal Trainer

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James Largey


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Gustavo Sousa

Personal Trainer

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Darren Reilly

Personal Trainer

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Mark Jones

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Oscar Young

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Daniel Brown

Personal Trainer

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Your individual training program, dietary approach and supplement choice is determined by a number of factors. To give you an idea, factors like gender, overall goals and current training ability are just a few things that can influence the style of plan most suited to you.

Please select one of the following options:


Specifically tailored for males


Specifically tailored for females


You have chosen to focus on reduction of body fat. You should consider including the bioprint/biosignature modulation within any of the plans or programs that you may select. Included within the Bio Signature / Bio Print is an extensive body composition analysis completed by a trainer of your choice. We will calculate body fat percentage through a 12 or 14 site skin-fold measurement, which will allow us to calculate the proportion of body fat that you store within specific key areas of your physique.

You have chosen to focus on building lean muscle mass. It would be ideal for you to consider including the bioprint/biosignature modulation within any of the plans or programs that you may select. Included within the Bio Signature/Bio Print is an extensive body composition analysis, which will allow us to calculate body fat percentage through a 12 or 14 site skin-fold measurement. This will enable the calculation of your muscle mass that you possess. This. will provide your coach with a descriptive insight as to which training style/approach will suit you best, based on your hormone profile.

You have chosen to opt for a complete transformation. Our Transformation packages are designed to break through plateaus and create the largest noticeable changes in record time. It is therefore always advisable to work with our PT’s – one on one – to gain maximum results (especially if you are working within a strict time limit).

Since fitness/Health is your goal, look no further than fit camp. Our “cost effective” outdoor fitness camp sessions are tailored around your current ability. Fitness levels are guaranteed to dramatically increase over the course of 6 weeks. However if group training outdoors is not for you then we suggest completing the enquiry form here to discuss alternative options.


Based on the data gathered within your trainer’s initial consultation, unlike group training – an individual programme will be constructed just for you – and only you. This is usually something between an 8-12-week “overall plan” that’s designed to evolve as your status changes – meaning it will be created initially with the high possibility of changing when you are reassessed. This chosen approach is considered “the best money can buy” amongst the choice of services at the FLF Performance Centre.

Group training provides excellent value for money. Strength Camp is our biggest “group training” seller and most popular addition to dropping large amounts of body fat or adding as much lean muscle mass to your physique as safely, naturally and effectively as possible. These sessions are held at the FLF Performance Centre, based in Manchester City Centre.

However if strength is not your goal and you would rather focus solely on fitness training then take a look at our extremely fun and friendly “fit camps”. These are held in various locations across the North West.

It doesn’t matter where you live or where you train because our online training programs are designed specifically to tailor around your specific needs, goals and chosen environment. You will have full access to the very same Front Line Fit team who have created all the transformations you may have seen throughout our website and our social media sites. Click here to read more.


Since you consider your current training and dietary status and knowledge to be “advanced” it would be ideal for you to provide more information via our enquiries section here in order to allow us to find the perfect plan to suit your exact requirements.

Since you consider your current training and dietary status and knowledge to be “moderate” it’s probably best for you to skip our “beginner camp”. We have many other services, which will be much more applicable to match your current training ability.

Since you consider yourself a “beginner” you may require more 1-on-1 attention. You may want to consider investing in private 1:1 personal trainer sessions in order to avoid the pitfalls and bad habits that can be a curse to many beginners. However if this is not within budget, maybe you should consider the “Beginner Strength Camp”. Take a look here. (link to Group Training -> Strength Camp)




FLF is like a 2nd home, a special place, a little piece of gym heaven. I went to FLF when my old PT relocated to Spain. I'd seen FLF on facebook and Daniel J Brown kept telling me to come down and try it, so I went. I met the man with many names (I call him Ted) and he asked me what my goals were? budget etc . My only request was to have a PT who could work around my job, push me and have banter.  I was introduced to the one and only Jamie Spencer.... Jamie kicks my ass and challenges me to be the best version of myself that I can be. I always come out of sessions feeling great and I'm really happy with the progress. I'm not a 12 week transformation person, I like cakes too much but in each session I love releasing stress from work and getting stronger. I'm proud of the changes in my body.  The gym is great, the members are lovely and the PTs are really knowledgable and friendly. The atmosphere is always upbeat! Emma Barnett, FLF Member

Emma Barnett

FLF Member

Just finished my eighteen weeks with Oscar and am very pleased with the results. I came to Oscar having weight trained for a bit but needed a new goal - I decided I wanted a decent set of glutes on me. Oscar is brilliant at explaining everything to you - it's important for me that I understand why I'm doing something so that I have faith in the process and Oscar has taught me a lot now about how to train for a particular goal - in this case hypertrophy. And on the nutrition side I had to learn how to eat properly for my goal. Typical woman I panicked about eating too much but I can say now I'm enjoying putting away the calories! We had to address a few issues - a lazy glute, a dodgy hip, quad dominance. But I've been learning how to properly activate my glutes and make sure I execute each exercise properly and now these are no longer big issues. The journey continues! Harriet Bateman, FLF Member

Harriet Bateman

FLF Member

I can't believe the results losing 12.9kg in just 4 week. I've reduced my body fat and mass, in return gained muscle mass, waist was 36" now 32" and 2 shirt sizes. I practically need a new wardrobe. It's been hard work, but made a huge difference to my wellbeing. Great teamwork and dedication from my PT (Mark Jones). Thanks for your guidance and support, I genuinely can't wait for full body transformation over the coming weeks. Also big shout out to Chach​​ for inviting me in and having an early consultation to understand my busy home/work life, my goals to achieve a physique like Joe Manganiello. He found the right person - Mark Jones who's not just good, but the best body composition specialist. This has been an investment not an expense and giving me a body for life. Imran Younis, FLF Member

Imran Younis

FLF Member

The FLF Performance Centre is arguably the best equipped personal training centre in the UK, if not Europe.   Charles Poliquin, (Strength Sensei) Strength Coach

Charles Poliquin

(Strength Sensei) Strength Coach



5 star review  In my years of training I’ve joined all types of gyms, the low budget gyms, high end gyms and everything in between. But none of them can compare to FLF. Here is a gym that not only has the best equipment around, that is readily available, but also has the people to match. The gym is driven by trying to achieve goals but what differentiates this from other gyms is that everyone is willing to help. I’ve been able to pick the brains of various PT’s who are more than willing to help out whether it be in depth discussions about nutrition or general pointers regarding exercise form. Apart from that, being surrounded by gym members who are driven by their goals is also a massive bonus. No time wasters hogging equipment. Training for me used to be a chore, something I had to do. Now it’s something I want to do, never thought I’d see the day I would look forward to training and a lot of the credit has to go to FLF. Everything from the staff, the equipment and the vibe created is great. Massive shout out to Chach and James All in all, my decision to stick with FLF since the back garden days through to now has been one of my best decisions.

thumb Asim Rafiq

5 star review  Joining this gym has made a huge impact in my health, confidence and overall well-being. I’ve enjoyed both one to one session and strength camps and have learnt so much not only about how to train properly but about my own strength, body and eating habits. I Would highly recommend this gym to anyone that’s serious about getting healthy and bettering themselves from the outside and from within.�

thumb Roxanne Sarah

5 star review  After 4 months of training at this world class facility under the watchful eye of my (life) coach Katie the results have been incredible. Not only have I lost 10% body fat but I have such a greater understanding of how my body works and reacts to different foods and types of training, allowing me the flexibility I need when it comes to life outside of the gym and normal routine. This is the beauty of Assisted Programme Design, training and nutrition is so specific to each client the results are maximised. I have so many good things to say about this gym, the great atmosphere, the friendliness of everyone that trains and works there, and the amazing equipment. Would be hard to ever go back to a generic chain gym! Thanks FLF!

thumb Issy Anstey

5 star review  Visited Manchester this weekend and had the opportunity to train at FLF. Was blown away by this facility. Huge space, awesome equipment and a very long feeling prowler carpet through the middle. � Great vibe in the gym, didn't feel initmidated and everyone was friendly. I can definitely recommend Coach Dan Reeve. He will push you further than your mind thinks you can go, being mindful of your limitations. Very knowledgeable in everything nutrition and training related. Thank you so much for having us this weekend, just wish I lived closer to become a full time member! But we'll definitely be back!

thumb Amanda Hughes

5 star review  Visited FLF at the weekend great place with a great atmosphere. Well equipped gym with great people ( coach’s ) Trained with a great coach Daniel Reeve ��

thumb Helen Hughes

5 star review  What an amazing gym FLF is. All your fitness and performance needs under one roof. Top of the range equipment, top of the range personal trainers. Can’t get any better. Well done to Rehan Akram for his commitment and dedication in creating what is no doubt the best gym in Manchester with amazing results for all his clients.

thumb Tariq Mahmood

5 star review  I've been coming to FLF for about 3-4 months now and wanted to write a review. I've trained at a few gyms in Manchester and when I came into FLF I was blown away - world-class equipment (that you can actually get on), a great atmosphere and a gym run by a top team. I'm not the biggest guy on the planet and there are some serious bodybuilders working out here. Initially, I was a bit intimidated to be honest. What I realised was far from anyone judging me, I was judging them. I've found everyone at FLF to be supportive, friendly and helpful and never felt that feeling we all dread at gyms - being laughed at by someone miles bigger/more experienced. I've also learned a massive amount about how to train properly, mind-muscle connection, nutrition, and I've managed to achieve some really good results. I have also worked with the inimitable James Heath who is a phenomenal personal trainer and part-time Gary Neville impersonator (I've actually never seen them both in a room at the same time, so draw your own conclusions....) He has given me a great platform to build on and has taught me to actually understand what muscles I am supposed to be working in each exercise and has been so important in embedding good practices in the kitchen and during workouts. I guess the last thing I've gained from FLF is confidence both in and out of the gym. If you are looking to join a top gym, build your knowledge, and get some great results then pop in and take a look - I reckon you'll be hooked.

thumb Adam Gillett

5 star review  The best gym I've ever been to by far. The staff are really friendly and the place is really clean and well organised. I'm currently in a strength camp and I highly recommend it for any newbies who are going for GOLD to loose weight and build muscle!.

thumb Andrew Carroll

5 star review  Great facility and PT’s which are top of their game. If your serious about achieving your fitness goals then FLF is the place to be.

thumb Jon Singleton

5 star review  I couldn't recommend this place highly enough! A brilliant team of coaches whose care and attention to detail ensures that every movement is carried out with good form. The owners have created something special here, an incredible atmosphere with supportive individuals who continue to push each other forwards. You will be welcomed with open arms and friendly faces. This place is perfect for anyone looking to improve their general health and wellness, increase fitness/strength levels and be surrounded by a team of wonderful people along the way.

thumb Martyna Starska


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