Assisted Program Design

At The FLF Performance Centre ALL of our members and clients work from an individual personalised program designed specifically to ensure they achieve optimal results. Unlike your average gym where they couldn’t care less about you or what you do once you sign up, at the FLF the APD is supervised. Every month you will receive a newly designed training program specific to your current status and a new nutritional target to reach, with recommended minor tweaks and modifications to your current diet plan and supplement protocol. You will also be allocated a Front Line Fit Personal Trainer who will provide your training plan, along with additional supplement suggestions (of which can be tailored around your overall budget). They will be there to provide ongoing help and support with your programme if needed.

Nutritional Consultation

We conduct a full breakdown of dietary habits and from day one we make positive changes that are particular to how you eat..

We are also very careful to integrate your nutritional plan within your existing lifestyle. Of course, the specifics of your own goals dictate how we construct your nutritional plan for you and this plan is constantly adjusted to reflect changes in goals as your body shape improves and your fitness/strength levels increase.

Key Benefits:

  • Structured training program
  • Individualised nutritional program
  • Individualised supplement protocols
  • Accountability
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Work with someone who has a track record with producing real results!


If you are serious about achieving results and are ready to start your training at The FLF Performance Centre then head over to the contact us page.