Strength Camp

By now you may have realised that strength training is possibly the most powerful tool of which we as the human race have at our disposal for changing the body. However we have also come to realise that most people can’t just walk into a strength facility such as The FLF Performance Centre and start trying to push and pull heavy weights around without any or little experience. Strength training can be very complex, embarrassing and even in some cases dangerous for the untrained/uneducated individual to try and attempt on their own.

Therefore we have devised the perfect solution that is “Beginner Strength Camp”.
This camp is open to those who consider their training experience/education with weight training to be at the most basic level. This allows us to take you through a number of simple step by step process to make sure you can first successfully complete daily “functional” movement patterns without any problems. Once this has been ticked off we can then teach you to transition these movements into more strength based exercises. read some of the beginner camp testimonials.

Included within this camp we cover nutrition and dietary habits at the foundational level of which we call “Stage 2”. More information in this is given when you sign up to the camp. Please contact us here