The enjoyment factor, overall experience and learning principles gained throughout each Front Line Fit workshop allows us to cater for more than just children in schools.
We have also worked with a wide number of organisations on extremely valuable workshops related to:

  • How to work successfully as a TEAM and as an individual when under pressure
  • The ability to use the power of communication between your fellow staff and customers
  • How to incorporate physical education into your everyday working life to improve key aspects
  • Rewarding good work and effort displayed during working tasks and company projects
  • Direction and highly validated instructions towards gaining optimal health and wellbeing
  • Fundamental information towards nutrition and supplementation to help get the best performance from your staff.

All the above thus allowing the staff at your company to associate FLF and your business with an enjoyable working environment of which in turn can positively impact future staff attendance, work ethic and overall results based upon improved individual performance and teamwork.

How much do we cost?

Prices vary from half day workshops to 3+ year projects.
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