Stength Camp


female strength

If you want to change your body like the women you see before you on our website the simple fact is that you need to lift weights.
Endless hours of cardio each week will never leave you feeling happy with your outcome. Unless that outcome is to become a “skinny fat version” of yourself.

Transforming a female body has never been a simple task. Mainly because of the silly amounts of garbage information women are fed on how to train, and what to eat. However changing a womans training and nutrition “mindset” is a key contributing factor to why we have achieved such outstanding results with our women at Female Strength Camp.

Here at Front Line Fit we have figured out the “strategy” to enable us prepare the female body by lifting weight without getting “bulky”. We leave no stone unturned and offer a bespoke service that covers every aspect of conditioning, including step by step diet plans, supplementation protocols, hormone modulation, and of course all aspects of exercise execution and safe lifting techniques. please contact us here