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10:00 AM Strength Camp

6:00 PM Strength Camp

8:00 PM Strength Camp

Strength Camp has rapidly become our most popular option for dropping body fat and adding as much lean muscle mass to your physique as safely, naturally and effectively as possible.

Become the strongest version of yourself

  • Runs 5 times a year
  • 6.30am/10am/6pm/8pm
  • Mixed sex groups
  • Group exercises with no more than 5 people per group
  • High intensity exercise
  • Dynamic workout
  • Builds overall body strength
  • Before and after pictures taken

Special note for “hard gainers” – In nine weeks you are not going to go from being a skinny “string bean” to a super hero; as you may well know, building lean muscle tissue takes time. We will teach you how to add muscle far quicker than many so-called experts will claim possible, alongside substantially increasing your strength whilst performing lifts with some of the most effective techniques.

How does it work?

Throughout the 9 week camp, your training, diet and supplement protocols all have the ability to change on a weekly basis due to factors such as:

  • Strength or muscular endurance change
  • Body Fat % change
  • Specific location of fat storage (e.g legs, stomach, back etc.) – Target spot reduction change
  • Hormone profile change
  • Energy levels change
  • Sleep pattern change
  • Stress levels change
  • Diet quality change
  • Posture change
  • Other relevant variables change

This is why we record and document all of your changes on a weekly basis.

Results like this don’t come overnight, but they shouldn’t take a lifetime. In 9 weeks we can help you achieve significant results.

We have waiting lists for all of our Strength Camp’s and since we started running the camps back in 2012 they have all sold out. Why? Because our clients get results and the demand then becomes extremely high – Simple!

We want FLF to be affordable and accessible to anyone! So we spent some time experimenting with a number of different approaches that would match the standard of our one-to-one training but in a small group setting and provide optimal value for money. The cost? Just £450 all in.

It took some effort, a big investment and a whole heap of patience to get this right, but after a fair amount of trial and error in the early days of “bulk camp” we concluded that the FLF Strength Camp had to fit the following criteria:

  • Small enough to keep high quality of standards during sessions. We have a MINIMUM of 1 trainer per 5 clients (sometimes more).
  • Available both daytime and evening. We created a number of options of camps for clients to choose which times they prefer – however once you choose a time you must stick with that time throughout the entire 9 week course.
  • Flexible and affordable. At the price you’re paying you don’t get the same flexibility as one-to-one personal training due to all of the sessions being fixed to a specific day and time. The way we have devised the sessions allows you to pay a small fee (£10) to complete a “catch up session” for any sessions of your program of which you may have missed at a time that suits you providing you haven’t left the “catch up period” too far between sessions missed.

So whether you’re a current personal training client, or have never been to the FLF Performance Centre before, come and join us at Strength Camp.

What kind of training will I be doing?

Your training will be specific to your goal and body type/hormone profile. Therefore, you may be lifting heavy compound lifts or you may be required to specifically focus on other forms of hypertrophy or other training approaches and manipulative variables – who knows? Until we meet you we won’t know!

I cannot stress how important it is to know exactly what type of training you need to follow to achieve your individual goals – which is why the “one size fits all” programs that are out there which require you to do the same as the person next to you are extremely flawed.


Therefore, it is our job at Front Line Fit to figure out what will work best for YOU.


Everyone at Strength Camp and the FLF Performance Centre help one another tremendously and provide huge amounts of support during the sessions and afterwards, with advice on diet and supplements via our private forum groups. Not to mention it’s FUN! Anyone who has been to an FLF session will tell you that there’s nothing but an amazing unexplainable “buzz” – you become part of an amazing team with nothing but good vibes! Your training experience becomes much more enjoyable and you become accountable to more people than just yourself and your trainer.


There are a number of classes to choose from to suit you:

Monday 6.30am-7.30am, Wednesday 6.30am-7.30am, Friday 6.30am-7.30am.
Monday 10am-11am, Wednesday 10am-11am, Friday 10am-11am.
Monday 6pm-7pm, Wednesday 6pm-7pm, Friday 6pm-7pm
Monday 8pm-9pm, Wednesday 8pm-9pm, Friday 8pm-9pm

Choose ONE group for the entire 9 weeks. Please note you will not be able to mix and match groups and times.

What do I receive when I pay?

  • 9 weeks of training sessions (3 x 1 hour group sessions per week) = 27 sessions in total.
  • Access to a private forum providing guidance on diet, additional training, rest and supplementation advice.
  • Free Front Line Fit T shirt.
  • Full use of all equipment provided by Front Line Fit during your Strength Camp session with no added gym membership fee or “sign up” fees.
  • Discounted FLF membership.


Cost: £450

What do I need to do?

To ensure maximum quality during our sessions we ask each member to make a promise to the trainers and themselves that they are willing to do the following before considering joining the Strength Camp 9 Week Course:

  • Give 90% effort and attention to detail during sessions and in the kitchen. (We understand everyone is susceptible to the occasional “slip up” and we try our best to accommodate.
    However, any less than 90% effort and we cannot guarantee you the results thereafter.
  • Attend every single session (if any are to be missed we also hold catch up sessions for a small fee of £10).
  • Push yourself and encourage your team mates to succeed in achieving their goals as well as your own.
  • Pay £450 upfront before the Camp starts via bank transfer – this ensures your place is secure and you are committed.   Contact to secure your place.

How do I find out when the next course starts?

Our Strength Camps start at specific times throughout the year. Please have a look at our calendar.