It doesn’t matter where you live or where you train because our online training programs are designed specifically to tailor each and every individual within their chosen environment. Unlike other online coaches, you will have full access to the very same Front Line Fit team who have created all the transformations you may have seen throughout our website and our social media sites.

“Thanks to the never ending results we produce at Front Line Fit alongside the groundbreaking level of knowledge & content delivered to each of our trainers, the name “Front Line Fit” and our “FLF Performance Centre” is repeatedly being spoken about in different cities worldwide!”

“Our goal has always been to help as many people as humanly possible, and our online program design is something we should have implemented a long time ago however because of a host of reasons that no longer exist, we decided to hand fire and hold back until NOW.”

“So here’s a question we would like to ask. Is a ‘face to face’. conversation about program design on hormone analysis, or metabolic damage caused through “hideous training methods” a requirement? No. Ideal? Maybe. However, we now appreciate that getting to see us in person at the FLF Performance Centre isn’t always possible or even affordable.
Therefore, we’ve come to the conclusion that it should be accessible to provide a service for anyone based anywhere in the world, even for those who are local or even FLF PC gym members who can’t quite afford personal training sessions” – James Largey Educational manager, Partner and Director at The FLF Performance Centre.


Please note – we expect a great deal of sacrifice and commitment from our clients. We expect even more from our online clients – therefore we must warn you, it’s not for everyone. We will do everything necessary to get results. However, if you are unable to commit to the program we kindly ask you to STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PACKAGE because we simply cannot do the hard work for you!

You won’t be on your own! Once you’ve had your initial consultation and provided your food diary to your trainer, along with answering a number of in-depth questions – our plans and protocols pretty much take all of the guesswork out of your training, nutrition and supplementation.

The main difference with OUR online packages and others out there. – We make sure your program is designed to meet YOUR individual goals and most importantly make sure your program is tailored SPECIFICALLY to YOU – not just some “generic program” someone has pulled out of a fitness magazine or copied from their current 1:1 clients program they devised last month based on a few similarities with yourself or internet searches on Google.

Here is what you get with our Online Training Package:

Front Line Fit Online Coaching

Depending on your goal and current status, alongside a host of other considerations, you will receive a specifically designed training programme, nutritional “targets to reach”, with continuous tweaks and modifications to your current diet plan and supplement protocols. You will also have access to your very own Front Line Fit PT via email to complete your weekly “check in”.

Practical Assessments

Using the tools you have at your disposal, your trainer may ask for pictures or require you to complete a series of practical tests based upon your goal “briefly discussed” within your initial contact, such as; rep max test, video of posture and lifting technique, HCL test, zinc test, resting heart rate. In some cases, a “more in-depth” approach may suggest a BioSignature assessment (available through FLF), Blood/Saliva hormone tests (available through FLF). However, the more in depth approaches may not be necessary and may only be a suggestion based on the goal you have discussed with your trainer.

Program Design

This includes all of your workouts, from hypertrophy training, strength training, cardio sessions, HITT and interval training all the way to active recovery sessions, LISS, mobility sessions and sports specific or technique sessions.

We will seek to understand exactly what motivates you in the pursuit of your goals. Once all of the above requirements have been met, we are then in a position to design a fully personalised training programme involving the approach required to achieve your goals in the most effective, enjoyable and efficient way from a distance.

Every workout is planned out accordingly (not all at once) – right down to the weight, repetitions, the manner in which you perform the lifts and even how long you will be required to rest between reps, sets and training sessions.

We strongly feel that our online personal training packages represent fantastic value for money, costing around 10% of what we would typically charge for our face to face 1:1 sessions, with nutritional and supplement protocols.


3 Month Package
One off Cost – £360

6 Month Package
One Off Cost – £600

A Few Words From Some Online Training Clients

“I could not be more happy with the quality and level of service I have been given each month by Oscar. Everything has been laid out in exact detail (just like he said it would be) regarding training and nutrition. Oscar has been extremely efficient in answering all of my emails with a very fast and detailed response. He keeps in regular contact, requesting weekly updates which is very reassuring, showing that he cares about the progress of his clients. Oscar has a deep understanding on what’s happening with my body physically, mentally and, more interestingly, he has no problem with referring me to some of the other team members such as James to inform me on what’s happening with my body “hormonally.” Although the initial consultation seemed a little odd asking how many times I go to the toilet to defecate per day! – In a nutshell, I am more than satisfied with Front Line Fit and Oscars online personal training services and would strongly recommend him to anyone. Both Oscar and James are outstanding with their level of knowledge and support” – Paul Marley – Manchester (FLF Gold member)

“I’ve known James all my life. However, since moving to Australia at age 18 with my folks, my training, nutrition and overall health pretty much took a back step in replacement for ice cold beers, BBQ’s and the easy life! At some point I realised I had begun to gain some what of a “beer belly”. I kept in contact with James over the years (thank God), and I soon realised how successful he had been with many clients before myself. I needed James to become my online trainer, mentor, dietician and motivator! As soon as I started following the plan James had set, the body fat just fell off.
It literally seemed magical, as I had not lost physical “weight” as such, but my jeans had become loose and my abs were on show! He even hooked me up with someone local who could accurately measure my body fat % and do my BioSignature analysis. I went from 19% body fat down to 12% body fat in around 2 months. James was always on hand to give me encouragement and direction by email and text to explain why certain details were so important to achieving my results – e.g. cortisol control due to cutting cardio and overall training session time down to a minimum, building a higher level of HCL whilst improving my gut wall to aid digestion to help build muscle more effectively, etc. He is also very knowledgeable about supplements and quickly pointed out what I had been wasting my money on for years! It’s quite clear to see all of the team at Front Line Fit take this training and nutrition game to a whole other level, so if you want real results and you’re prepared to put in the work and follow their instructions, they will cover everything you need to know from how many hours of sleep you need at night to aid recovery between sessions to how much protein you need per meal, based on your individual goal and current lean mass. Since then, James has been not only my online trainer but also my teacher and mentor in which he’s enabled me to gain my level 3 PT qualification through distance learning with Future In Fitness. I now hope to use some of the great knowledge James has taught me with my very own clients over here in Brisbane, Australia.” – Ben Clarke