One of our newly successful and ever expanding services at Front Line Fit is enabling schools to provide a unique experience within their establishment which allows each child to learn extremely valuable lessons related to:

  • How to work successfully both as part of a team and as an individual
  • The power of communication between students and teachers
  • How to incorporate physical education and academic education to make learning more fun!
  • Rewarding good work and effort displayed in and outside the classroom
  • Direction and highly validated information and instruction towards optimal health and wellbeing
  • Key fundamentals to help get the most out of your academics


Building positive relationships and experiences in the early years is important to long-term development, learning and wellbeing. All the above thus allows the child to associate FLF and school with an enjoyable learning environment of which in turn can positively impact school attendance records, motivation levels and overall development.

“The greater the relationship Front Line Fit has within schools and the students themselves, the more impact we (the teachers) will have to help the children generate excitement and positive intentions towards their academic success, school environment and behaviour with fellow students.” – Emma Gilmartin – Teacher at St Matthew’s RC High, Manchester

We also incorporate our teaching approach in alignment with each school’s individual policy and principles, as we are fully aware of the variation from school to school. FrontLine Fit will even link in with the school’s reward schemes and behaviour policy to maximise the positive impact we have with the students, teachers, parents or guardians.

How much  does this cost?

Prices vary from half day workshops to 3+ year projects.

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